Alert: Phone Scammers Claim To Be Law Enforcement

NMSP News Alert:
ALBUQUERQUE New Mexico State Police investigated a failed phone scam Aug. 1 in which the victim received a phone call from a female caller claiming to be “Captain Harris with the New Mexico State Police.” The female caller told the victim she needed to contact “Officer Reagan Fox” within the hour or she would be arrested.
The victim called the number and a male answered claiming to be “Officer Reagan Fox”. The male told the victim that she had an hour to “acknowledge or refuse” accusations of federal bank fraud and drug trafficking or she would be arrested. He told the victim she was facing $50,000 in fines and 10 years in prison. The male then told the victim she could “settle out of court” for $7,400.  
At this point the victim realized she was the target of a phone scam and contacted the New Mexico State Police. State Police also learned that at least one report has been made in Rio Rancho about scammers claiming to be with other area law enforcement agencies and giving the victim the same type of ultimatums and demanding money.
The New Mexico State Police would like to remind the public that no law enforcement agency, including the New Mexico State Police will ever call requesting or demanding money in lieu of arrest. You should never send money or relinquish personal information to an unknown caller or agency.
If you feel you are the victim of a phone scam, document the caller’s name, phone number and other pertinent information then contact your local law enforcement agency. While State Police continues to investigate these crimes, the public’s best defense against these criminals is being aware and not falling for the scam.
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