AFTNM Responds To New Mexico PARCC Results

AFTNM President Stephanie Ly


Secretary Skandera Spins Low New Mexico Test Results


ALBUQUERUQE – American Federation of Teachers New Mexico President Stephanie Ly released the following statement: 


“Just as promised, Secretary Skandera delivered exceedingly low test results for New Mexico students who participated in the recent Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Career (PARCC) corporate standardized test.  


“Secretary Skandera and Gov. Martinez assert low test scores are an indicator of a more rigorous test; however what they don’t share is that these low test scores will trigger adverse consequences for students from the PED, such as unnecessary retention and prevention from graduation, and will also be factored into evaluations for educators across New Mexico, which have direct impacts on employment and advancement within the profession.


“Despite what these results may imply, the reality in our schools is that high-quality learning and teaching is occurring every day, and standardized tests like PARCC set our schools up for failure.


“PARCC is touted as a measure of how well New Mexico students are learning the Common Core standards, but the reality is Common Core has been part of New Mexico’s curriculum prior to PARCC, and was already being tested through the Standards Based Assessments. In our opinion, PARCC is an unnecessary test and is simply a drain on already scarce resources for our public schools.


“It is time the Secretary and the Governor stop using New Mexico as an experiment for so-called corporate education reform. We renew our call for a three year moratorium on making student advancement and educator employment decisions based on results from high-stakes testing, and we further call on the Governor and the Secretary of Education to halt the unnecessary, over-testing of our students and implement meaningful reforms in our schools focusing on universal, high-quality early education and increased time and resources focused on math and reading intervention.”


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