AFTNM On New Public Education Regulations


SANTA FE – American Federation of Teachers New Mexico President Stephanie Ly released the following statement: 

“For years, AFT New Mexico has attempted, in good faith, to work with this Governor, Secretary Skandera, and the Public Education Department to curb some of its most egregious abuses of the regulatory process, especially when evaluating our educators in New Mexico. 

“The Public Education Department’s NMTEACH system is riddled with flaws and errors, a fact the Secretary, her top staff, and the Department lawyers refused to acknowledge or remedy until the 1st Judicial District Court entered an injunction to prevent continued and irreparable harm caused by the regulations, based on extensive testimony and evidence presented by AFT NM during court proceedings last year.

“Secretary Skandera is now proposing new regulations to replace her failed regulatory scheme, which has produced damaging and inaccurate evaluations for nearly 25,000 New Mexico educators.

While the information provided thus far by the Public Education Department is vague, it appears they are attempting to obscure the most glaring deficiencies which were brought to light during court testimony – the Department has not yet, however, released supporting details necessary to determine if the new regulations represent a sincere effort to create a fair and meaningful evaluation process, or if they are simply an extension of its unsuccessful litigation tactics. 

We are troubled, however, that once again, these changes are being implemented from the top down and if the Secretary and her staff were serious about improving student outcomes and producing a fair evaluation system, they would have involved teachers, principals, and superintendents in the process. We intend to issue a full statement and evaluation once additional details are released.