AFTNM/ATF Lawsuit Against NMPED Concludes With Motion For Preliminary Injunction Today

SANTA FE  American Federation of Teachers New Mexico and the Albuquerque Teachers Federation’s District Court lawsuit against the New Mexico Public Education Department concludes today with the plaintiff’s motion for a preliminary injunction.
This lawsuit seeks to provide relief to educators across New Mexico by pausing, and eventually seeking to prevent the use of high-stakes testing in the evaluation of education professionals.
It is the belief of AFTNM and ATF that the current evaluation system, imposed by Public Education Department rule, is unsound, untested, and ultimately unfair, causing thousands of veteran educators to either retire or have their licenses jeopardized by these rules. Disruptions and vacancies in public school classrooms impact student learning and are detrimental to our schools and communities.


Today’s hearing will have testimony from the New Mexico Public Education Department witnesses in support of the current evaluation model, and cross-examination from attorneys for AFTNM and ATF. This will be the final day of hearings on this motion.