AFT-NM On PED’s Proposed Evaluation Changes

Stephanie Ly

AFT-NM News:

Santa Fe – American Federation of Teachers New Mexico President, Stephanie Ly, released the following statement:

“Nearly two months after Governor Martinez and Secretary Skandera announced changes to the State’s educator evaluation system at a closed press conference, the New Mexico Public Education Department is finally holding hearings for public input to the changes.

“Secretary Skandera and Governor Martinez once again have disrespected New Mexico’s public educators by announcing changes to an already flawed system, and then are pretend to involve stakeholders at a public comment session purposely scheduled during the duty day for educators. These continued attacks on educators have led to historic levels of turnover and vacancies, and ultimately, it is our students who lose out.

“The bottom line is that using 35 percent of a flawed system instead of 50 percent is still a flawed system, coupled with punishments for educators using their contractually authorized sick leave is simply inhumane. Instead of imposing changes from the top down and without meaningful and widespread input from educators who are actively in classrooms each and every day, the PED ought to be including as much input from educators and stakeholders possible.

“The unfortunate reality is that these changes do not alter the fundamental fact that New Mexico’s evaluation system is fatally flawed, and the existing District court injunction prohibiting educators from being punished remains in place, making many of these proposed changes moot. Secretary Skandera and the PED need to be prioritizing our students– like New Mexico’s public educators do every day.”