AFT Lawsuit Against NMPED Moves Forward


American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten and American Federation of Teachers New Mexico President Stephanie Ly released the following statement:

“Thursday’s ruling from Judge Thomson is an important acknowledgement in our lawsuit against the abusive policies of the New Mexico Department of Public Education under the leadership of Governor Martinez and Secretary Skandera. Judge Thomson’s granting of a hearing for a preliminary injunction beginning on Sept. 16 is a huge win for our union and all educators across New Mexico.”

“We fundamentally disagree with the assessment of the Public Education Department that no educator in New Mexico has been harmed under the evaluative put in place by Secretary Skandera,” Ly said.

“The court told the governor and secretary that it will not countenance further delay – by setting up both a trial date and a hearing on our belief that educators have been harmed by an unfair, unreliable and inaccurate VAM evaluation scheme that has misclassified good teachers as ineffective,” Weingarten said.

“As our case continues through the legal system, educators across New Mexico are gaining hope for a reprieve from untested and unfair policies which are impacting their ability to advance in their careers, also affecting the students and our schools through historic levels of teacher vacancies and early retirements,” Ly said. “This lawsuit is about relief and respect for our educators and communities.

“As we prepare for the next hearing in this process, we continue to be thankful for the support we are receiving from parents and community members who recognize the need for strong public education in New Mexico and the need to respect professional educators.”

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