Adoptees Invited To Free Month Of Special Coaching

LeAnne Parsons won the Audience Choice award at the Los Alamos Venture Accelerator’s (LAVA’s) Elevator Pitch Competition held last September. She is now taking the Financing the Entrepreneurial Enterprise at the LACDC, and raising funds to produce a video to help adoptees and their families. Visit to find out about upcoming entrepreneurship events. Photo by Mandy Marksteiner

LAVA News:

People who have been adopted may ask themselves practical, yet unanswerable, questions like, What do my birth parents look like?or ‘What kind of diseases run in my family?

Not knowing can be incredibly frustrating.

Other, more painful, questions may also creep in and undermine an adoptee’s sense of inner peace. Questions like, Are my birth parents ashamed of me?’ or ‘Do my adopted parents really love me?

LeAnne Parsons of Los Alamos was adopted and spent years struggling to understand herself and her place in the world. While growing up she experienced grief and loss, shame, identity issues, relationship challenges, and control issues. All the while she felt like she was keeping her adoption story locked away in the closet.

She understands the turmoil that people touched by adoption go through. Even though there were times she felt she was merely coping with life, she has discovered that she has a choice in how she shows up in this world. As a life coach, Parsons wants to help other people get out of the cycle of tolerating life while everything stays the same, and learn to thrive and create the life that they want.

Her goal is to bring life coaching into health care and the adoption process. Right now she is forming three focus groups, one for birth moms, one for adoptive parents and grandparents and one for adult adoptees.

Each group will receive one month of complimentary life coaching. The coaching sessions will either take place in Parson’s “Coaching Café” office on the second floor of the Community Bank Building at 15th and Central Avenue or over the phone using a teleconference line.

Human beings have the ability to dramatically change their quality of life simply by changing their energy level. The problem is that most people can get stuck in low levels of energy, where they’re paralyzed by stress, feel like victims of circumstances and go through life just trying to deal with the events that come their way.

Who wants to live like that?

Through coaching, Parsons provides a safe place for people to explore who they are and how they see the world. Her clients begin their process of becoming “unstuck” by identifying what their truth is and committing to it. That’s why she calls herself the “Walk Your Talk” coach.

She uses a Core Energy Coaching™ model, which enables people to break out of negative energy patterns and clear the way for positive energy patterns. Why is this so important? When people are living their lives experiencing negative (or catabolic) energy, it’s impossible to connect with others on a healthy level. Their thinking is foggy, they have a hard time making decisions, and they may be stuck in conflict mode. Being at this level zaps a person’s energy and tears them down at a cellular level.

Living in positive, or anabolic, energy level does the opposite. People who are operating at a higher energy level feel compassion for others, they see opportunities around them, and they are bursting with creativity and feel connected to others. They are fully engaged with life.

“I want to help adoptees and their families build bridges and not walls in all of their relationships,” said Parsons, who created a powerful and effective coaching process for adoptees and their families called the Heirloom Coaching Process.

Adoptees, birth moms who have lost their children to adoption or made an adoption plan, adopted parents and grandparents are all invited to join a coaching group. Join by calling Parsons at 505.412.1817 or stop by her Coaching Café, 1475 Central Ave. Suite 210B. She accepts emergency calls, and will have a cup of coffee waiting for you when you arrive. Visit

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