Abe Dispennette’s State Farm Agency Now Offers Mortgage Loans

Abe Dispennette


I am proud to announce that my State Farm agency now offers Mortgages.

Before my service in the Army I was a mortgage broker in Florida for a number of years. When I entered back into the financial arena with State Farm one of my goals was to offer mortgages again.  As many of you know the lending industry has changed dramatically, so much so it took a couple of years for me to get all of the proper state and federal requirements in order that I may legally sell this product.

Currently we only offer Conventional loans up to 95 percent loan to value and only charge a flat $475 in loan origination fee. That is a HUGE savings for customers as the industry standard is a 1 percent origination fee of the loan size. With the average Los Alamos home hovering around $300,000, we can save every client on average $2,500 in closing costs.

I have greatly appreciated the support of Los Alamos in my business and I’m very proud that I can continue to expand to support more of your financial needs. Please keep us in mind the next time you are considering purchasing or refinancing your home. 

My vision for this office is to offer would class service and products and become the town’s one stop shop for all insurance and financial needs. With that being said, keep your eyes out for more big announcements coming in the near future!