A Reminder from Los Alamos County’s Snow Control Center…

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Winter is here and Los Alamos County officials are asking residents to keep the following safety tips in mind:

Stay informed. Road condition updates, closings and delays will be broadcast on several popular regional TV and radio stations. Tune to the County’s emergency broadcast station (1610AM) or local KRSN 1490AM. You can find information about road conditions for State highways by calling 1-800-432-4269. Whenever possible, the County’s webpage will also list any County-related early closings, cancellations or delays (www.losalamosnm.us).

Be alert. During winter storms, County crews will be doing their best to keep streets open and safe for traveling – please help by yielding to their efforts and keep a safe distance away so your vehicle will avoid being struck by flying sand and salt.

Be prepared. Consider using snow tires and/or chains on your vehicle. It’s helpful to carry a container of sand and shovel in your vehicle, too (the County places barrels of sand near intersections that are notorious for being slippery and icy during storms.)

Be patient. In heavy storms, crews will be working to clear primary roads like Diamond, Trinity, Rover Blvd. and Grand Canyon first. Sidewalk clearing will be prioritized for those sidewalks that are listed as “safe routes to school”. Parking lots serving major County facilities will be cleared just as quickly as possible. Other streets, sidewalks and lots may take a bit longer to clear.

Help where you can. Park in your driveway (or on the shady side of your street). County crews typically plow snow toward the sunny side of the street to speed the melting process. Your cooperation will minimize snow accumulation around your parked vehicle, plus, the snow plows won’t have to maneuver around them. In the event of heavy snowfall, snow will be plowed to both sides of the street.  Remember, plowing operations will likely deposit snow in driveways and on sidewalks. You’re encouraged to keep sidewalks, parking areas, and driveways in a reasonable, passable condition by removing snow & ice. Please pile snow on lawns or vacant spots on your property rather than shoveling it back onto the street.

Questions or concerns? Call the County’s Snow Control Center at 662-8397. Thanks for your support!




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