A Neutron and Proton Go Into a Bar…

SFI News:

Alaina Levine will conduct a seminar at 12:15 p.m., July 17 in the Noyce Conference Room at the Santa Fe Institute.

Abstract. What did the bartender say to the neutron? What’s the difference between an introverted and an extraverted scientist?

When you think about it, being a scientist is, well, kind of funny.

In this boring, monotonous, time-wasting lecture, science journalist and comedian Alaina Levine will explore humor in science, probe the most comedic aspects of the scientific profession, and relate real-life anecdotes from a science communicator and wannabe nerd who worked among various academic tribes and survived with every funny bone intact.

In telling stories, she’ll offer a few laugh-laden words of advice on how you can be a better science storyteller through humor, non-Borg-like emotions, and arcane references to spherical cows.

Who is Alaina G. Levine?

Levine is the author of moret than 100 articles, which have appeared in national, regional, and local publications.

She is the former Director of Special Projects for the University of Arizona College of Science, where her responsibilities included public relations, industrial relations, economic development and outreach. In addition, Alaina oversaw the UA Professional Science Masters’ Program in Applied Science and Business, through which she taught her students about professional skills such as networking, communication, presentation success, career planning, and business etiquette.

Levine currently writes the careers column for The Euroscientist and the “Profiles in Versatility” career column for APS News, the national publication of the American Physical Society. She is a member of the National Association of Science Writers.





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