7th Annual Dances of India Oct. 19




Each year, the East Indian classical dance teachers of the Los Alamos Family YMCA, Ms. Alina Deshpande and Ms. Kavita Nandakishore, organize a FREE performance called Dances of India (DOI) to showcase their students’ talent and entertain the community with Indian classical, folk and Bollywood dances together with performances by guest artists. 


This is a fun filled show for children and adults alike with colorful costumes, foot tapping music, energetic dances and goofy comedy. The event also includes a Bazaar with Indian snacks, clothes and crafts for sale. 


While the show is free, the organizers welcome donations and sponsorship from individuals and businesses in support of designated charities or to offset the cost of the performance. Since its start, DOI has supported diverse charities including a rural cancer treatment center, hospice care organization, school for underprivileged children and hospital for the mentally challenged in India as well as the American Red Cross. Barring performance costs (venue, stage hands, props) all the proceeds go to the designated charity. All donations are through the Los Alamos Family YMCA making them tax deductible.


This year, DOI has designated the “Utkarsha” program of Chaitanya Mahila Mandal (http://www.cmmpune.org) that is affiliated with the Rotary Club, Pune, India as its fundraising beneficiary. This unique and bold program provides safe night care for children from the red light district of Pune, India keeping them out of an unsafe and unhealthy environment.

The community is invited to come to this one of a kind performance in Los Alamos to cheer the dancers and donate generously. Your enthusiastic support goes a long way in encouraging the dance students to stay engaged in a unique creative arts program while also introducing them to joys of charitable giving.

Artists’ info: Ms. Deshpande is an gifted artist specializing in the Kathak style of Indian classical dance prominent in Northern India besides being a full time LANL Scientist and Los Alamos Family Y fitness instructor. Ms. Nandakishore is a talented artist specializing in the Bharatnatyam style of Indian classical dance popular in Southern India besides being a full time team leader of Medical Records at MANNM. Both art forms involve rhythmic footwork and stylized hand gestures and facial expressions to convey the stories and emotions being depicted in the dance.
They are both dedicated teachers that give freely of their time to continue the traditions of Indian dance. It is rare for small towns and cities outside India to have even one Indian dance teacher let alone two gifted ones who care deeply about their art.

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