70th Anniversary Of Native American Right To Vote

By U.S. Rep. Ben Ray Luján
My friend, 70 years ago, Marine veteran Miguel Trujillo refused to take “no” for an answer.
After serving his nation in battle, he came home to fight again. Except this time, he fought for the right for Native Americans to vote in New Mexico. And Aug. 3, 1948 he won his case and changed the lives of Native People across the state.
Miguel Trujillo’s determination to stand up for voting rights for Native Americans is incredible and inspiring. He refused to back down and fought until the very end, and HE WON.
Despite Miguel Trujillo’s work, voting rights are under attack across the United States, and our Native and Pueblo brothers and sisters are still demanding to have their voices heard and their land and rights respected.
Here in Northern New Mexico, I am proud to partner with the 15 Pueblos and the Jicarilla Apache and the Navajo Nations in my district. And I stand with them on this wonderful day to appreciate Miguel Trujillo’s work and to renew our efforts to secure equality for our Native and Pueblo brothers and sisters.
We can’t take voting for granted. This November, let’s honor Miguel Trujillo’s legacy and make sure all of our families and friends vote. The next generation is depending on us to protect our families, build our economic opportunities and preserve our land, air and water. The stakes are simply too high; we can’t afford to sit this election out.
When we work together, we win together,
Congressman Ben Ray Luján

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