Los Alamos Historical Society Announces FY22 Officers

Cherie Trottier

Los Alamos Historical Society News:

Cherie Trottier has assumed the presidency of Los Alamos Historical Society’s (LAHS) Board of Directors effective July 1. She succeeds Roger Waterman, who will remain on the board’s executive committee as Immediate Past President.

Trottier, a retired educator, long-term society volunteer, and board member, said leading the organization brings to mind an iconic figure in Los Alamos history.

“When I re-enact Dorothy McKibbin for the historical society,” Trottier said, “I share one of her quotes: ‘Our activities were like a kaleidoscope – always changing, and by Jove, we did it.’”

In addition to resuming full museum and education operations with the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions, LAHS is renovating the Oppenheimer House as a community focal point, something totally unique to Los Alamos. To learn more about this major effort, visit https://www.losalamoshistory.org/oppenheimer-house.html.

Trottier said involvement in such projects as the Oppenheimer House brings McKibbin’s sentiments into clear focus.

“The Historical Society is ever changing—coming out of the pandemic shutdown, taking responsibility for the restoration of the Oppenheimer House, and improving our organizational systems,” Trottier said, adding that to manage this ‘kaleidoscope’, she is “blessed to have a knowledgeable board of directors and talented staff to work on these many facets. We appreciate the community support as we move forward on these projects, and we will get them done, by Jove!”

Officers joining Trottier for FY22:

  • Vice President Christine Hipp;
  • Treasurer Ron Wilkins; and
  • Secretary Wendy Hoffman.

Newly elected board members:

  • Paul Bombardt;
  • Leslie Linke; and
  • Steve Greene.

For information about becoming a member, donating, or volunteering with this dynamic organization, please peruse the LAHS website, https://www.losalamoshistory.org.