Los Alamos 2019 Regular Local Election Results Official

Los Alamos County Clerk Naomi Maestas, left, swears in members of the Canvass Board Thursday morning for the first ever Regular Local Election. Canvass Board members from left, Danielle Gardner, Cameron Counters, JoAnn Johnson, David Schiferl and Lee Weinland. Photo by Carol A. Clark/ladailypost.com

Gathered Thursday morning for the Regular Local Election Canvassing, from left, County Clerk Naomi Maestas, County Elections Manager Gloria Maestas, Chief Deputy Clerk Adrianna Ortiz and Senior Deputy Clerk Francella Montoya. Photo by Carol A. Clark/ladailypost.com


The Los Alamos County Clerk’s Office completed the required canvass process to certify and finalize the results of the first ever Regular Local Election, which took place on Tuesday, Nov. 5, 2019.

The Canvass Board met at 10 a.m. Thursday in Room 200 of the County Municipal Building. The Board consisted of Cameron Counters, Danielle Gardner, David Schiferl, JoAnn Johnson and Lee Weinland. Also in attendance were County Clerk Naomi Maestas, Elections Manager Gloria Maestas, Chief Deputy Clerk Adrianna Ortiz, Deputy Clerk Victoria Martinez. Members of the public included Dr. Kurt Steinhaus and David Hampton.

During the canvass process, the Board reviewed and verified the accuracy of the election results from the early and absentee locations, as well as the election day vote centers. The canvassed results proved to be a precise match between the machine tapes and the results posted on election day. The canvassing of absentee results included the 4 ballots the absentee precinct board hand tallied on election day, along with the hand tally totals from 2 provisional ballots. As a result of their review, the board issued a certificate of canvass, which will be sent to the New Mexico Secretary of State and others as required by law.

The certificate of canvass and official election results will be made available on the County Clerk webpage: www.losalamosnm.us/clerk once they are accepted. When asked about the process, Board Member Johnson stated, “The professionalism and expertise of the County Clerk’s Office was apparent in the handling of the canvass of the election results”.

Board Member Schiferl complimented the process stating, “Naomi Maestas and her great staff had everything perfectly organized when we came in, and they made everything clear in a friendly, patient way. It’s great when an important, serious matter (election canvassing) is even fun!”
The final count of ballots cast in this first ever Regular Local Election totaled 4,434, representing a turnout of 30.5 percent among the 14,483 eligible Los Alamos County registered voters. Of the total 4,434 votes; 2,376 were cast during early voting; 73 were cast by mail; 1,983 were cast on election day; with an addition of 2 qualified provisional ballots.

“This was a fascinating election not only for our county but for the entire State of New Mexico as we made history by voting in this first-ever Regular Local Election,” Clerk Maestas said. “I am very pleased that 43 additional voters were able to make their voice heard through Same Day Voter Registration who otherwise would not have been able to due to arbitrary voter cutoff dates. Thank you to all those who chose to exercise their right to vote and make their voice heard this election cycle.”

Clerk Maestas would like to thank all the candidates for their dedication and commitment through this election process. As well, the partners of the office promoting voter registration and the election itself; The League of Women Voters of Los Alamos, Los Alamos High School and iVOTE Club members, UNM-Los Alamos, Betty Ehart Senior Center, Sombrillo Nursing Home, Aspen Ridge and The Farmer’s Market. She would like to extend a special “Thank You” to all the Election Poll Workers, who spent many hours, from Oct. 8 through the late hours on election day serving voters in a friendly, professional and efficient manner. She also would like to extend her appreciation to the employees of Los Alamos County for their fervent assistance this election, along with her sincere gratitude for the hard work of her dedicated staff: Elections Manager Gloria Maestas; Chief Deputy Clerk Adrianna Ortiz; Senior Deputy Clerk Francella Montoya; Deputy Clerk Victoria Martinez; Casual Deputy Clerk Anna Sanchez and Student Ubaldo Barela.

Clerk Maestas also would like to remind those residents who are not registered or have moved, that they can complete a voter registration form in the County Clerk’s Office at 1000 Central Avenue, 2nd Floor, Suite 240. Voter registration services and forms also are available at the Motor Vehicle Department or online to eligible New Mexico citizens through the New Mexico Secretary of State website: NMVote.org.

For more information, visit the Clerk’s website at www.losalamosnm.us/clerk or contact the office at 505.662.8010 or by email at clerks@lacnm.us.

Canvass attendees gathered Thursday morning from left, Elections Manager Gloria Maestas, Deputy Clerk Victoria Martinez, public observer Los Alamos Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Kurt Steinhaus, Board Member Danielle Gardner, public observer UNM-LA Advisory Board Candidate David Hampton Board Member Cameron Counters, Board Member JoAnn Johnson, Chief Deputy Clerk Adrianna Ortiz, Board Member David Schiferl, Board Member Lee Weinland and not pictured, County Clerk Naomi Maestas. Courtesy/LAC