Southwest Nordic Ski Club Embraces Great Winter

SWN Ski Kids finishing a ski practice at Crested Butte Thanksgiving Camp. Courtesy photo
Southwest Nordic Ski Club members participating in the adult ski clinics at Crested Butte Thanksgiving Camp. Courtesy photo

SKI News:

Southwest Nordic Ski Club and Ski Kids group began the season with the Thanksgiving Nordic Ski Camp in Crested Butte, Colo.

More than 50 people from the club went up for the events with 18 adults taking clinics, nine Ski Kids in the kids camp and three Ski Kids in the junior training camp.

After three days of clinics and training (and a fun Thanksgiving Day potluck) the weekend finished with 1k and 3k races for kids and 5k and 10k races for adults. For many of the ski kids, this was their first time in a freestyle XC ski race.

In the 1k, Samantha Baily was the 3rd place girl while Quanah Moseley and Luke Gibson took gold and silver in the boys. In the 3k, Mila Moseley and Madalyn Baily were 1st and 3rd respectively. Levi and Zach Gibson were by far the youngest participants in the 3k and took 6th and 7th place.

SWNSC adult skiers did well in the Crested Butte Thanksgiving Nordic Camp races as well. In the 5k Jean Dewart was 7th woman. In the 10k for women, Sanna Sevanto was 3rd, Lynn Bjorklund was 5th, Amber Dagel was 6th and Dina Pesenson was 7th. In the men’s 10k, Clay Moseley took 4th, Scott Baily took 9th and Daryl Dagel was 10th.

With the perfect winter weather since Thanksgiving, SWN Ski Kids have been able to ski every week after school on Wednesdays and weekends on Camp May Road and on Canada Bonita trail groomed for XC skiing by Southwest Nordic Ski Club volunteers. All that ski practice has been really paying off with more confidence and big improvements in the kids’ skiing.

In early December, SWN Ski Kids took two racers to Junior National Qualifier (JNQ) races held in Frisco, Colo., to test out the process and prepare for bringing a bigger group up to the next JNQ race. JNQ events are large having between 300 and 400 kids participating from clubs in the Rocky Mountain Nordic region.

SWNSC coaches learned a lot and our ‘test’ racers did great: Mila Moseley was 6th in the classic sprint and 3rd in the freestyle race in the under 12 (U12) age group. Quanah Moseley was 2nd in the classic sprint and 1st in the freestyle race in the under 8 (U8) age group.

Last weekend (Jan 12th), while club members Sanna Sevanto and Lynn Bjorklund taught xc ski clinics on Camp May road, 9 kids and 3 adults from Southwest Nordic participated in the Durango Nordic Club’s Coke Race #2. The event was held in freestyle (skate) technique and included 10k distance for adults and 1.5k-5k distances for kids depending on their age. It was snowing throughout the day making for beautiful but challenging ski conditions.

SWN Ski Kids fielded 6 skiers in the under 10 age group racing the 1.5km. Samantha Baily was the fastest girl in the under 8 age group while Luke Gibson and Quanah Moseley took gold and silver respectively for boys under 8 years old. Levi Gibson narrowly missed the overall win getting second in the under 10 boys while Diego Leonard took 3rd and Zach Gibson took 4th.

SWN skiers under 12 years old raced the 3k distance. Mila Moseley was 3rd overall and first girl under 12 while Madalyn Baily took 4th.

Erik Leonard raced the 5k in the under 16 age group and took 2nd place.

Adult racers Clay Moseley, Scott Baily and Zach Leonard raced the 10k and placed 4th, 10th and 12th respectively.

Next up for SWNSC skiers is Chama Chile Ski Classic, followed by BB Gun Biathlon in Pagosa Springs and Alley Loop in Crested Butte, CO.

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From left, Luke Gibson, Levi Gibson, Adrian Medin, Anders Medin, Zoey Fohtung and Quanah Moseley participating in the Crested Butte Thanksgiving Kids Ski Camp. Courtesy photo
Madalyn Baily, left, and Lucy Kelley participating in the Crested Butte’s Thanksgiving Junior Ski Camp. Courtesy photo
SWN Ski Kid Olivia Brown participating in a relay game during kids ski camp at Crested Butte Thanksgiving Ski Camp. Courtesy photo
Kids line up at the start of the 1k and 3k races at Crested Butte Thanksgiving Camp. SWNSC had seven racers in the kids event. Courtesy photo
Luke Gibson skiing to 2nd place in the 1k race at Crested Butte Thanksgiving Nordic Camp. Courtesy photo
Clay Moseley racing in the 10k. Courtesy photo
Club members Sanna Sevanto (red vest) and Lynn Bjorklund (blue jacket) teaching an XC clinic on behalf of Southwest Nordic Ski Club on Camp May road Jan 12. Courtesy photo
SWNSC Under 10 age group participants smiling after finishing their 1.5k race from left, Luke Gibson, Samantha Baily, Quanah Moseley, Levi Gibson, Zach Gibson and Diego Leonard. Courtesy photo
Skiers under 14 years old start the 3k race. Madalyn Baily and Mila Moseley representing in the Southwest Nordic Ski Club uniforms. Courtesy photo
Front row kids from left, Samantha Baily, Levi Gibson, Luke Gibson, Zach Gibson, Quanah Moseley. Back row kids from left, Erik Leonard, Mila Moseley, Madalyn Baily, Diego Leonard. Adults from left, Dina Pesenson, Clay Moseley, Zach Leonard and Scott Baily. Courtesy photo