2019 Los Alamos Faith And Science Forum Asks: Are You A Robot? Brain, Mind, Soul


LA Faith & Science Forum News:

This summer, the Los Alamos Faith and Science Forum asks: Are You a Robot? Brain, Mind, Soul.

If you use the internet at all, you may have been asked whether you are a robot. Many websites do this, trying to protect against spurious account creation. On one level, it’s an easy question to answer — no, you’re not a robot, you’re a flesh-and-blood human.

But on another level, it’s more difficult. Can we be sure our behavior is not programmed by our genetics, life experiences, instincts, and habits — to say nothing of our addictions and psychoses? How free are we, really?

The Board of Directors of the Los Alamos Faith and Science Forum announce the theme and schedule for its sixth summer series of lectures by local speakers and visiting scholars on topics at the intersection of science and religion.

The community is invited to join the Los Alamos Faith and Science Forum this summer at its weekly presentations during June and July, as speakers consider these questions.

During these sessions, they will be looking at the phenomenon of consciousness, the progress and discoveries of neuroscience in showing how the brain works, and whether we as humans possess free will and moral responsibility. They’ll consider the mind and the soul, and ask what it means to be made in the image of God. They’ll examine how emotions affect humans, and how brains change throughout life, in response to experiences and thoughts. Speaking of free will, they’ll take up the topic of evil — what it is, where it comes from, and who if anyone is responsible. And they’ll think about the role of miracles in all of this, and why God might be interested in creatures of flesh and blood.

In July, they’ll hear two lectures by visiting speaker Prof. Warren Brown, a psychologist, neurophysiologist and author at Fuller Theological Seminary, on his research and writings. They’ll also hear from Dr. Garrett Kenyon, an artificial intelligence researcher at Los Alamos National Laboratory. Visit http://www.lafsf.org/, for more information.

All sessions take place at the Unitarian Church of Los Alamos, 1738 N Sage Loop in Los Alamos. Most evenings begin with a light supper at 6 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall, with the presentation starting at 6:30 p.m., followed by questions and table discussions. The supper is free and a free-will donation will be available.

Schedule of presentations:

  • June 5 Are You a Robot? The Questions – Bob Reinovsky;
  • June 12 Consciousness: Material or Immaterial? – Chick Keller;
  • June 19 Neuroplasticity: How the Mind Changes the Brain – Nels Hoffman;
  • June 26 Neuroscience and Emotions – Bob Fuselier;
  • July 3 No meeting this week;
  • July 10 Prof. Warren Brown, Fuller Theological Seminary;
  • July 11 (Thursday) Prof. Warren Brown, Fuller Theological Seminary;
  • July 17 The Emperor Has No Brain (on the topic of artificial intelligence) – LANL researcher Garrett Kenyon;
  • July 24 Evil: Is Anyone Responsible? – Gerry Wood; and
  • July 31 Miracles: Divine Free Will – Dan Winske.