2010 LAHS Graduate Ariana Mancino Displays Work In ‘Absinthe Minded’ At Fuller Lodge Art Center

‘Let it Rain.’ By Ariana Mancino

ART News:

Mancino will be at the opening reception 5-7 p.m. today at the Art Center, 2132 Central Ave.

Ariana Mancino

About Ariana Mancino:

Art has always been a huge part of my life. I can remember, back to a very young age, seeing my dad painting and drawing and me saying, “I wish I could do that.” So, I did.

I use art as a defense against anxiety and depression because I find that art can have a very calming affect on not only the artist, but the viewer, too. It makes you, if only for a moment, stop and think about nothing but the piece you’re looking at.

What made me create a website you may ask? I work in a contemporary art gallery, so I’m looking at other people’s art all day long. As I stare at the Calder and Oldenburg prints across from my desk, I always find myself thinking, “How did they get so famous? Where did they start?” The internet is obviously not the right answer, but It could be close. They loved their art, and they thought other people would love it too, so they shared it.  The great artists of the world, artists long gone, and srtists still creating all share one thing in common. They loved their art, and they knew that others would love it, too. 

That’s where I come in. I know I’m not a Claes Oldenburg, or Alexander Calder, or Eyvind Earle… yet. I love my art, I love creating it, and I love the finished product. I know that there have to be some other people out there that will love my art as much as I do, and either appreciate it through their computer screens, or bring it home and appreciate it every day in person. My art has had such a positive impact on my life that I want to give, even one ounce of, that to someone else through art.   

Art and I have a complicated relationship. I rarely set aside enough time to devote to my art, meaning that I have dozens of half finished pieces waiting to be nurtured to life. I ask myself, “Why finish this piece?  Who’s going to want to look at it anyways?” I hope that the answer is you, the person peddling through my website right now. Art is something that should be shared, it shouldn’t be kept on my walls for only me to see, it should be seen by everyone from all backgrounds. Art should be made affordable and easily accessible. Art should make the viewer feel some type of way, whether it be good or bad, and art should always stay a part of society. That is what I am trying to accomplish here.

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