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Letter to the Editor: LAPS Foundation Says Thanks

on June 6, 2013 - 7:22am
LAPS Foundation Board of Directors
Los Alamos
Earlier this spring, the Board of the LAPS Foundation hosted the Fourth Annual Great Conversations in A-Wing at Los Alamos High School and more than 30 high school students donated over 95 hours to aid the Foundation in serving our guest. Chip Mielke and Tessa Snyder entertained guests with a beautiful stringed duet.

Los Alamos National Bank and the LANS Community Programs Office sponsored our event along with Beth Breshears, CPA along with Lorraine Hartway, Film Festival/Hot Rocks Java Café and Coca-Cola Distributing of Santa Fe.


Letter to the Editor: County Parks Division Rocks!

on May 31, 2013 - 10:30am
Los Alamos

What a joy it is to see the baskets of flowers on the lamp posts in the downtown area!
Various traffic islands in Los Alamos and White Rock are also aglow with colorful iris and other well landscaped plantings.
My husband Ken was chairman of the first Los Alamos County Beautification Committee back in the 1960s. He would be delighted, as I am, to see the improvements since that time.
Warmest thanks to Dick McIntyre and the Parks Division for sprucing up our little town so beautifully.

Letter to the Editor: Thank You for Being a Friend, Mentor and Public Servant

on May 29, 2013 - 2:35pm
Thank you for being a friend, mentor and public servant

Upon returning to Los Alamos as a young man, my family relocated to White Rock where I had the opportunity to live across the street from Senator Steve Stoddard. 

I had known the Stoddard’s from growing up in Los Alamos so the move allowed me to renew old friendships. Over the years, Steve and I would have occasion to visit on Sunday evenings, where we would sit together and discuss the issues of the day and issues related to state politics. 

During this time, I would always recall that Steve would start by saying


Letter to the Editor: Atomic City Transit Cuts Some White Rock Service

on May 29, 2013 - 11:13am
White Rock

Los Alamos County’s Transportation Division sponsors Atomic City Transit to serve the residents of our County.

On May 24, ACT modified its schedule and services, and the announcement included the statement “White Rock service will be enhanced … [and lists new routes].” LINK

Discontinuing service to ~1/3 of White Rock homes does not constitute a service enhancement to those of us who live in the La Senda and Pajarito Acres neighborhoods.

Letter to the Editor: Every Student Deserves Applause

on May 24, 2013 - 6:21am
By Leslie Esquibel
Los Alamos
I went to the Middle School Athletic Awards Ceremony the other day. I was uncomfortable going, expecting the same awkward ceremony as last year.
I got what I expected, and worse. There was the usual announcing of each team, their story for the year, and announcement of each athlete, 270+ at the school. This was preceeded by a slide show of some of the athletes and new football field and track.
What was the saddest, most awkward part, was the audience reaction. About 10 percent of the kids received significant applause from peers and families.

Letter to the Editor: Perhaps Religious and Charitable Donations Shouldn't be Tax Deductible

on May 17, 2013 - 8:47am
Los Alamos

Thurman Talley suggested (5/16/13 Los Alamos Daily Post) any 501c organization that made political contributions should lose its tax-exempt status.
At the risk of seeming obstreperous, I'll make a bolder suggestion. Although charitable and religious organizations themselves should not be taxed, perhaps donations to such organizations should not be tax-deductible.
Why should other citizens collectively have to pay more tax just because I choose to donate to my favorite charity or church?

Letter to the Editor: 501c4 Organizations!

on May 16, 2013 - 10:39am
501c4 Organizations!
Los Alamos

I believe the IRS should withdraw all tax exempt status from any organization which endorses any political candidate.

This should extend to other categories in addition to this particular 501c organization group, including religious and social organizations!

No 501c organization should be allowed to make contributions to PACs or to candidates. Certainly political action groups are allowed to do whatever they want but they should not be tax exempt. Any tax exempt 501c organization should make public their financial contributors!


Letter to the Editor: I'm 'Noisy; Unpleasant Child's' Parent

on May 13, 2013 - 9:23am
Trumpet player and parent of two
Los Alamos
I'm coming clean. I am the parent of the "noisy and unpleasant child" at the performance of Beethoven's Ninth. Shame on me for not keeping her under control!
I would have liked to remove her from the audience, but my husband and I were both playing in the band. We spend a lot of time rehearsing, and our kids wanted to hear us play. We want to teach them about music and give them opportunities to hear live music.
But they were noisy. I heard it, too.
Unfortunately, it was a situation where there was nothing I could

Letter to the Editor: Thanks for Week Full of Resplendent Examples of Music in Los Alamos

on May 11, 2013 - 9:24am
Los Alamos
This past week has been filled with resplendent examples of music in our community!
I have not been able to attend all, however of special note was the LAMS combined music program Monday, May 6 when band, orchestra and choir came together for one excellent performance of their talents.
The band and orchestra were outstanding! And finally, combining them into a symphonic orchestra for the 4th movement of Dvorak's New World Symphony was just delightful.
The choir was much smaller than I remember.

Letter to the Editor: Appreciation for Piñon Elementary Teacher & Staff

on May 10, 2013 - 8:43am
By LEEANN FOSTER, Coordinator
2013 Piñon Elementary PTO Teacher & Staff Appreciation Luncheon

May 6-10 was Teacher Appreciation week, and I again had the privilege of organizing Piñon Elementary’s Teacher & Staff Appreciation Luncheon.

This reminded me how many people at Piñon work together to provide a good educational experience for the children. This includes teachers of preschool through 6th grade, special education, gifted & talented education, English language learners, art, library, PE, music/band, and orchestra; instructional assistants; principal; secretary; clerk; custodial and

Letter to the Editor: Show Consideration for Artists; Audience

on May 9, 2013 - 9:51am
Los Alamos

I want to congratulate Nancy Wurden on her excellent review in the Los Alamos Daily Post of the Beethoven, Symphony No. 9 concert Sunday at Duane Smith Auditorium.

She described the event beautifully. It was a grand performance. The four vocalists were indeed a lovely blend. Perhaps because of the rewrite for winds only, I heard sounds and melodies that I have not picked out before in listening to this symphony.

I appreciated the addition of the Los Alamos High School Chorus to the Los Alamos Community Winds and Los Alamos Choral Society. It was indeed a "goose

Letter to the Editor: Thank You For Dog Jog Support

on May 7, 2013 - 7:41am
By Wendee Brunish and Pattie Baucom
Co-chairs, Los Alamos Dog Jog 2013

Sunshine and clear skies greeted all of the runners and walkers and their eager dogs for the 16 Annual Dog Jog April 27, 2013.

This year’s Dog Jog, organized by the Atomic City Roadrunners, the Los Alamos Dog Obedience Club and the Mountain Canine Corps (MC2) search and rescue team raised more than $10,000 for Friends of the Shelter. 

Friends of the Shelter (FOS) is a nonprofit organization that provides assistance to abandoned animals and to pets and their owners in northern New Mexico.


Letter to the Editor: Clean Up Los Alamos Day Great Success

on May 6, 2013 - 9:04am

Los Alamos County

The 10th Annual Clean Up Los Alamos Day held Saturday April 27 drew more than 500 participants who helped beautify the community and prepare for wildfire season. 

Los Alamos County Environmental Services would first like to thank the other event sponsors that make this wonderful community event possible: Los Alamos National

Bank, Los Alamos County Community Wildfire Protection, and Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Santa Fe.

This year we had around 500 participants.

Letter to the Editor: Wholehearted Support for Aspen Principal

on May 6, 2013 - 7:53am
Los Alamos

I would like to express my wholehearted support for Kathryn Vandenkieboom, Aspen principal.

I know Kathryn to be a kind, compassionate and supportive woman of integrity. The students of Aspen are always her first priority.

Though the demands of her position require much of her, her door is always open and she is always available. She is the ultimate professional.

Kathryn exudes a calm and confidence as a leader. She does not make decisions lightly, but rather is very thoughtful and conscientious.

Letter to the Editor: Do Great Conversations Matter? 'You betcha!'

on May 1, 2013 - 10:12am
Los Alamos

Do great conversations matter? How about civility? Does having the best possible local schools matter? I say, “You betcha!”

Sunday marked the 4th Annual Great Conversations fundraiser hosted by the Los Alamos Public Schools Foundation; a delicious afternoon of sharing ideas with a diverse group of Los Alamos-ites, who enjoy critical thinking, problem-solving, listening intently with an open mind to new ideas and worldly experiences of some neighbors we hadn’t had a chance to know until Sunday’s “meeting of the minds.” 

I loved every minute of our

Letter to the Editor: Unequivocal Support for Aspen Principal

on April 27, 2013 - 12:26pm

Letter to the Editor

The April 21 story reporting a lawsuit filed by Zeynep Unal against Los Alamos Public Schools and Kathryn Vandenkieboom, principal at Aspen Elementary, was incredibly disheartening. 

The story, particularly the wording in the lawsuit, portrayed Kathryn much differently than the child and family advocate we know. We would like readers to know that Kathryn.

Five years ago, when it was announced that Kathryn would lead Aspen as our principal, cheers of joy rang out!

Letter to the Editor: Thank You For Supporting 'Run for Her Life'

on April 27, 2013 - 8:11am

President, Los Alamos Chapter of Hadassah

What a wonderful community we live in!


On behalf of the Los Alamos Chapter of Hadassah, we want to thank all the runners, walkers, sponsors and volunteers who supported our third annual "Run For Her Life" 5K and 10K run to fight breast cancer held Sunday, April 14 in Los Alamos.


Although it was a very cold and windy morning, we had 70 participants and made $4,100 that will be sent directly to Hadassah for breast cancer research. Every dollar counts when we are helping Hadassah help everyone in the world. 




Letter to the Editor: Los Alamos - Neither Suicide and Nuclear Weapons nor Sweet Small Town America

on April 26, 2013 - 8:35am
Married mother of five
White Rock, N.M.

Recently I was getting my hair done out of town. When I told the hair dresser that I was from Los Alamos, he said he didn’t know too much about us except that we make nuclear weapons and that our children kill themselves.

For a moment my vision of who we are was erased. Soccer games on Saturdays and Boy Scout food drives and Home Coming Parade perfection disappeared from my few and I was left with a stone cold confirmation that there was some kind of truth in what he saw, an idea I have never permitted to enter me.



Letter to the Editor: Only One Site Creates 'Ambient Repose'

on April 24, 2013 - 7:43am
Los Alamos
Where's the "ambient repose" to entice a visitor to spend a night or more in Los Alamos instead of Santa Fe?

While the leaders of the County profess a desire to make Los Alamos a more desirable “destination,” it strikes me that none of the places to stay have any ambience to make anyone want to spend even a single night here.
So I wondered: without any constraints about something already being there, what and where would I put something that I thought would provide the desired asset.

Low level shot: by csturgeo (Selected for Google Earth - ID:

Letter to the Editor: Please Lower Your United States Flags

on April 17, 2013 - 4:04pm
By Lisa Lindberg
Los Alamos

Last night as I drove through town on the way to take my dogs for a walk at sunset, I was astonished to see that there were United States Flags not being flown at half staff to honoring the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing.

On April 16, 2013, President Obama ordered that the United States Flag be flown and half staff immediately until sunset on April 20, 3013.

I find it sad that organizations including banks and schools were not following the Presidential order.


Letter to the Editor: Thanks for Wonderful Support of Sock Hop

on April 12, 2013 - 8:32am
By JOY BEERY, Executive Director
Los Alamos Family Council

Enthusiastic dancers encouraged by ELVIS (aka Morrie Pongratz) Tim Gallegos, DJ, were the highlight of the 2013 Family Council Sock Hop. 

The ticket and food sales as well as donations will support the variety of programs at the Counseling Center and the Youth Activity Centers. 

Secundino Sandoval donated a $3,000 painting called “Resilience” – begun before the Los Conchas fire and completed after the evacuation. 

We are reminded that those families who have gone through both fires certainly have displayed resilience in their


Letter to the Editor: Drilling Wells Disaster for White Rock

on April 8, 2013 - 4:49pm
Robert Selden
Los Alamos

The plan to drill wells along the rim of White Rock Canyon is a disaster for residents of White Rock, La Senda and Pajarito Acres.

This project will bring industrial activity with visual and noise pollution into the residential areas, and degrade the quality of our lives.

The quiet and beauty of our hills, canyons and forests are one of the primary reasons many of us like to live here. This project as currently planned will damage open space areas along White Rock Canyon.

It will require service roads, construction, drilling and well operations, which will detract


Letter to the Editor: Nothing Short of Miraculous!

on April 8, 2013 - 9:39am

By Ann McLaughlin, Artistic Director
Los Alamos Concert Association

On Friday night, the Blue Window Bistro suffered a plumbing disaster resulting in flooding.

This could also have been a disaster for the Los Alamos Concert Association as we had reserved the restaurant for a post-concert dinner for 60 people, following the performance of Amsterdam's Calefax Reed Quintet Sunday evening.

Instead, Melissa Paternoster and her wonderful staff flew into action and catered the dinner at the Betty Ehart Senior Center.

Working in an unfamiliar kitchen, these great people presented us with

Letter to the Editor: Lucky To Have You All

on April 8, 2013 - 9:10am
By Sarah G. Rochester, Executive Director
Los Alamos Visiting Nurse Service

Dear Friends:            

What a wonderful community we live and work in. As we waited for spring to come, the community was filled with vases of daffodils and bunches of daffodils were delivered to homes by wonderful volunteers. 

Each bunch of daffodils (2,500 this year) supports our hospice program and all profits from the sale go to direct patient care.

We thank you all for your wonderful support. Your daffodils became a gift to many.

Special thanks for the generous support we receive each year from


Letter to the Editor: Roundabout Announced on Day of Jokes

on April 7, 2013 - 11:21am
Los Alamos

After six years of County-caused delay, the state will now begin to redo N.M. 502, if only for the segment from Knecht Street to Canyon Road.

I am sure the experienced state designers will produce a fine working design from the conceptual one.

It was appropriate that NMDoT's press release, which indicated that the County Council's desired roundabout at Central Avenue be included, should be made on April Fool's Day - a day of jokes.